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About UltWin

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UltWin is an easy-to-use window manager with the Desk View™, an interactive view of the desktop. UltWin creates mini-windows on the Desk View to represent desktop applications and Windows 10 apps. By interacting with the mini-windows, it is possible to manage application and Windows 10 app windows.

Main Features

  Interactive scalable view of the desktop.
  Automatically adapts to the Windows environment.
  Preview application and Windows 10 app windows with Live Preview ToolTips™.
  Manage windows on the desktop from one location on single and multiple monitor systems.
  Does not modify the graphical user interface of compatible applications and Windows 10 apps.
  Multiple monitor compliant with support for the multi-monitor extended desktop and virtual screen.
Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

• Installs cleanly and reliably.
• Meets privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
• Passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.

The Desk View and Multiple Monitors

The Windows OS allows multiple monitors to be connected to create an extended desktop. Each monitor in an extended desktop configuration is displayed on the Desk View.

The screenshot shows the Desk View floating on the desktop, and working with three monitors in an extended desktop configuration. Click the image for a screen capture, which is best viewed stretched out on an extended desktop.

Click for Screen Capture

Version History


UltWin Update would not download available updates.
UltWin now supports Windows 10 apps.
Improved support for Windows 10 Task View.
Support for Windows 10 apps functions consistently.


The Desk View can now float on the desktop.
The Desk View can now be temporarily displayed on a taskbar chevron window.
The Desk View can now display the desktop background wallpaper.
The Desk View now has an option to maintain aspect ratio.
The Desk View now has in-place Live Preview ToolTips.
The Desk View and window management functions can now be operated by keyboard commands.
An icon on the taskbar notification area is used to convay relevant information to the user.
UltWin does not expire.
The documentation has been updated.
The end user licence agreement has been updated.
Improved moving and sizing operations via the mini-windows.
Support for Windows 10 Task View functions consistently.
UltWin would only install on 64-bit Windows.
UltWin would only run in the user account it was installed in.
UltWin Help sometimes displayed as partially or completely transparent.
The maximum supported virtual screen size has been changed to 32766x32766 pixels.
The Live Preview ToolTips are now available for most windows attached to UltWin.
The Live Preview ToolTips can be configured to display at a larger size without flickering.
The Desk View background sometimes would not repaint when the Windows desktop background changed.
The borders of the mini-windows sometimes would not repaint when the visual styles colorization color changed.
The contents of the mini-windows, including the icons, sometimes displayed as partially or completely transparent.
GDI resource leak occurred where null regions were used. For instance, when the Desk View was of zero size.
The ‘Bring to top’, ‘Send to bottom’ and ‘Allways on top’ window management operations, which are initiated from the mini-window menus, function consistently for desktop applications and Windows 10 apps.


Additional feature.
Feature removed.
Bug resolved, improvement or modification.